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Human Thief

The thief class can steal items and uses knives. It is available to Moogles and Humans. There are no requirements for this job.


  • Steal: Armor
  • Steal: Shield
  • Steal: Access.
  • Steal: Helm
  • Steal: Weapon
  • Steal: Gil
  • Steal: JP
  • Steal: Ability


  • Counter


  • Maintenance


  • Thief Combo



The Human Thief class has decent stats, it is the only human basic unit with speed matching all the advanced human classes.

HP - 6.5
MP - 1.0
Attack - 7.5
Defense - 7.0
Magic Power - 8.0
Magic Resistance - 6.0
Speed - 1.5


The Moogle Thief class somewhat trumps the Human Thief class because it is equal in Attack, nearly equal in Health, adamantly superior in Defense and Magical resistance, and most of all from its heightened Speed which makes it better for the main purpose of most thieves, early Speed building. Its only real drawback, its magical power, can be dealt with through a Time Mage, one of the best Moogle classes.


HP - 6.0
MP - 2.0
Attack - 7.5
Defense - 8.0
Magic Power - 6.5
Magic Resistance - 7.0
Speed - 2.0
  • It is best to teach a thief Concentrate,a S-Ability,which can be dealt with through an Archer or Gunner.
  • It's best not to rely on a thief's growth,as there are better classes.

Moogle thief.